Continuing Improvements

Since the Amherst Opera House Co. Guild, Inc. was formed we have worked on maintaining continuous improvements to our unique building. While we replaced the 1938 version of electrical service panel as one of our first projects with a new 200 amp service panel, we were still using the old switch panel. We recently completed the replacement of the old switch panel with all new wiring from the panel to the lights, switches, and soon to be added ceiling fans. There are a lot of improvements made that are not apparent to the general public. All of these capital improvements are accomplished only with the help of volunteers and donations. Stay tuned for news of exciting things coming this fall.

1938 Switch Panel
2023 Switch Panel

We Need Your Help.

The Amherst Opera House is soon to have a new ceiling installed in the main auditorium. The drywall installers need to have room to set up scaffolding so they can work on the 18 foot tall ceilings. So we have to move a lot of stuff from the main floor to the lower level. If you can spare any time to help we would greatly appreciate it. We will be working Saturday the 3rd of June as well as Sunday the 4th, Monday the 5th, & Tuesday the 6th if it takes that long. We will be there each day starting at 10:00AM unless you want to start earlier. If you drive by and the doors are open we are inside working. We are paying an hourly wage or you can count the time as an in kind donation, we appreciate your help either way. Great opportunity if you know a teenager who would like to make some quick cash. If you have questions email, call or text 715-321-0122, or just show up when the doors are open.

Calling All Photographers

I started what became a lifelong career as a photographer in a small darkroom in a closet in Mr. Bremer’s office at Amherst High School. I was very active as a Falcon Flyer newsletter and Yearbook photographer throughout my time in High School. The Amherst Opera House recently received a donation of quite a bit of professional photography equipment. The donation from Walcott Studios in Columbus, WI includes studio lights, numerous backgrounds, portrait props, and educational material. Our intent is to develop a shooting space in our lower level and make it available to students, local photographers, and anyone interested in learning more about photography. This fits well with our mission to provide a space where people can learn, enjoy, and practice their art. Stay tuned for more details as our plans take shape.

A complete professional photo studio in a truck.

Fundraiser Progress

Progress through 1/15/23

Only 17 days left including today, Sunday, 1/15/23. We are doing great! Thanks much to those who have donated so far. We need to raise $5,415.56 more in order to reach our goal of $20,000.00 which will enable us to receive the maximum $10,000.00 donation from Jerome Guyant. Every donation helps regardless of the amount of money. Donations can be mailed to Amherst Opera House, PO Box 277, Amherst, WI 54406,

or made online at

or dropped off in person at the International Bank of Amherst.

2022 Season is over.

The “Christmas in the Village Community Choir” event was the last event for our 2022 season. What a tremendous way to end the year, a sold out event bringing the community together with songs and celebrations of Christmas. The building is winterized, the new furnaces are cold, as we actively plan our 2023 season. If you have ideas for use of the building please let us know.

Christmas in the Village Community Choir

Thank you to all who participated in the “Christmas in the Village” event at the Amherst Opera House on Friday evening 12/2/22. It turned out to be a truly unique and enjoyable experience for all. Starting with a chili feed with local baked deserts and a selection of beer & wine at 5:30pm, then having a front row seat for the TRBA Christmas Parade from the front steps & outdoors of the Opera House. Patio heaters and high tables made it a great place to take in the parade. Then a performance by the Community Choir at 7:30pm. The Amherst Opera House Co. Guild is thrilled to have been a part of this event. Most especially, thanks go to all the volunteer choir members and Janet Glodowski for making it all happen. We can’t wait for December 9th, 2023 when we can experience it again.

Amherst Opera House 12/2/22
Standing Room Only, first time in at least 50 years.

Matching Fundraiser Starts Today

Fundraiser dates 12/1/22 to 2/1/23

The Amherst Opera House is beginning a project to replace all basement windows as well as the south, basement, and rear stage entrance doors. This project will cost approximately $37,000.00, please consider making a donation that will be matched by Jerome Guyant.

Quarterly Board Meeting 11/30/22

Join us at our next quarterly Board Meeting. Scheduled for Wednesday, November 30, 2022, held at the Amherst Opera House/Community Hall starting at 6:30 PM. Discussion will include 2022/2023 schedule of events, restoration projects, past, current, & future, as well as ideas for future events and ideas to increase volunteers & AOH Co Guild membership.