Nocturne – An Evening of Dance

This past weekend the Amherst Opera House hosted the premier of Community Cooperative’s dance event. Community Cooperative is an upcoming cafe’, taproom, and production company based in Stevens Point. The premier included two original dances.

The first “On Devotion” was choreographed by Monica Endres and the second “Chitin” was choreographed by Constance Anderson. Below is a short video from “On Devotion”

Many Hands Make Light Work

This Thursday from 10AM to about 3PM we will be cleaning out the basement at the Amherst Opera House. If you can help we would really appreciate it. Many trips up the stairs will be required to carry things upstairs to their new home in a dumpster.

Dirty Chairs!

Good News! We got chairs! Bad news… they are very dirty. The Amherst Opera House acquired 63 chairs for the low price of FREE. They need to be hosed off and cleaned before being carried into our basement. We are having a chair cleaning this Thursday & Friday, 5/27 & 5/28 starting at 3 PM each day until the chairs are clean and in the basement. If you can help clean or carry chairs for a little while it would be appreciated.

Snow Queen is Home!

The mystery ballerina found a home. This past weekend at the TRBA Swap-O-Rama sale the ballerina was purchased and left the Amherst Opera House for her new home. Hopefully she has a long stay while she enhances her new surroundings.

Clean Up Days!!

If you are available this Thursday, Friday, or Saturday (5/6 through 5/8) we need help to carry things out of the Opera House basement into a truck so we can move it to a dumpster a few blocks away. Anytime on any of those days, just stop in if you have 30 minutes to a couple of hours. We are working on cleaning out the basement so we can begin to use it for area gatherings.

Mystery Ballerina!

The Amherst Opera House has been given a very large (five foot tall) painting of a Ballerina. The painting was at the Consignment Corner affectionately dubbed the “Snow Queen”. Years ago it was brought in to be sold as a consignment. It evidently has an interesting local story that we are trying to find more about. If you know anything about it’s history please comment below or email us at

Here is the artist’s signature.

Windows being restored!!!

This is the inside of the north window at the front of the building. The sash has been removed and taken to Laib Restoration in Oshkosh to begin the process of being restored. All windows in the front of the building have been removed. Thanks to Terry Laib for donating his time and experience to help with this project.

Spring Cleaning!

It is the time of the year to be thinking about getting ready for another season at The Amherst Opera House! Plans are underway for what will be a great year of events. We need to get our basement cleaned out so it can be used by interested people in the area. If you are available to volunteer please email us at and let us know when you would be available.