AOH Timeline

Amherst Opera House Timeline

Articles of Incorporation—6/10/1902

Most towns and cities, from small to large, had at least one opera house.  This was the golden age of the opera house, all aspects of American life converged in the opera house.  Little, if any, opera was actually performed in these building.  An opera house was a community entertainment and meeting hall.”


1902– Amherst Opera House Co. formed, building opened for community entertainment. 

1930’s—Community Fish Fries, Talent & Comedy shows, Dances, Wedding Receptions, Community Events

1937—Purchased by Village of Amherst for $850, Major improvements made by WPA

1946—Rented to Worth Co. of Stevens Point employed approx. 30 people producing fishing lures

1948-1953—Rented to Tomorrow River Schools, Hot lunch program, Physical Education classes, Plays

1960’s—Various Community Events, Unicef  Halloween Program, Village Christmas Program, Roller Skating, Conservation Club Steak Feed Dinners, Wedding Receptions, Family Picnics & Events

1970—Purchased by Harrison Baker, used for storage of various projects including pipe organ, Boarded up and vacant for 47 years

2017—AOH Co. Guild 501(c)3 created, purchased building in August of 2017

2018—116th Anniversary

2019 – First year officially open to the public.  Many events including musical performances, weddings, private gatherings

2020 – Most public events cancelled or rescheduled.  Restoration work continues