We Need Your Help.

The Amherst Opera House is soon to have a new ceiling installed in the main auditorium. The drywall installers need to have room to set up scaffolding so they can work on the 18 foot tall ceilings. So we have to move a lot of stuff from the main floor to the lower level. If you can spare any time to help we would greatly appreciate it. We will be working Saturday the 3rd of June as well as Sunday the 4th, Monday the 5th, & Tuesday the 6th if it takes that long. We will be there each day starting at 10:00AM unless you want to start earlier. If you drive by and the doors are open we are inside working. We are paying an hourly wage or you can count the time as an in kind donation, we appreciate your help either way. Great opportunity if you know a teenager who would like to make some quick cash. If you have questions email info@amherstoperahouse.com, call or text 715-321-0122, or just show up when the doors are open.