New Addition to AOHCG Backdrop!

Many of you have seen our original condition advertising backdrop curtain that we think dates to the 1940’s. Since the acquisition of the 120 year old building and the forming of the second Amherst Opera House Company (the first was formed on June 10, 1902) we have wondered why the International Bank of Amherst was not a featured ad on the backdrop.

Thanks to the artistic ability of Tony Albrecht it now has a prominent place on the backdrop. The International Bank of Amherst pre-dates the original Amherst Opera House Co. by 9 years as it was founded in 1893 and the Amherst Opera House Co. was founded in 1902. Since August of 2017 when the building was acquired and the second Amherst Opera House Co. non-profit 501(c)3 was formed, the bank has been a staunch supporter and booster of our efforts to restore the building to community use. We thank them for their continued support.